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Birthdate:Aug 16
Location:Texas, United States of America

I'm going to warn you in advance. I swear. A LOT. I also have an extremely dark sense of humor, get a kick out of celebrity death, and generally enjoy Schadenfreude in its varied and many forms. If this offends you, just turn around now.

Sun Sign: Leo
Sun 23° Leo 34'
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Moon Sign: Leo
Moon 9° Leo 57'
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Rising Sign: Sagittarius
Ascendant 7° Sagittarius 43'
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I've gone friends-only. Comment if you want to be added.

I also create failed communities, like [profile] wrestleclassics, [profile] fireproreturns, and [profile] hey_itsthatguy. SMELL THE FAIL!

Layout & Mini Icon Credits here @ [ profile] noveltybox

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